Our environmental efforts

Apart from doing the things listed on the rest of this site (or at least trying!), I am making a huge effort to make the running of Living With Awareness as environmentally responsible as possible.

Here are a few things I am doing.

Mostly wrapping parcels in 100% recycled paper for posting, rather than using plastic satchels.  This is taking a while to get use to, as the prepaid satchels are much easier.  The tape I use is either paper or cellulose, so can be recycled.

Using beautiful recycled, handmade tissue paper for any internal wrapping.  Sometimes I use calico bags.

If things need plastic around them in packing (such as detergent samples that may spill) I have some cellophane bags (recyclable) rather than plastic.

When protection is needed to products that are being sent out, I use either cardboard (cut from boxes that have contained products that are delivered to me) or occasionally, bubble wrap.  This is all reuse wrap though!  A few of my suppliers use bubble wrap so rather then throwing it away, it gets reused.  Please reuse it again.

All our printing is done on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper.  Envelopes are also 100% post consumer waste recycled paper.

I've run my stock of business cards right down, so am looking forward to now getting the next lot printed on recycled card, using vegetable based dyes.


I am constantly working to make improvements in these areas, so I would love to hear any other suggestions that you may have.