May 2008

The mall and all other shopping areas have been removed from the site.  There are so many other great enviro friendly shopping sites around now days, that it doesn't seem useful to repeat them here.  Thanks for visiting.  Feel free to look around - I've left the information part of this site here for anyone who wants to access it, but for the time being, it isn't being updated very often.


March 2007

The mall has finally opened.  This means that the Living With Awareness store has closed down! 

Please see the link "Shopping mall" to the left for more information.


December 2006

Please see the "Shopping mall coming!" link for what we're up to now!  Big changes happening, and hoping this means I will be able to focus on getting more information in here while bringing you a greater range of products.

Please email me if you'd like further information.


November 2006

September was a really busy month with additions to the site and store, but in October and November I've had to slow down a lot and take a bit more time for my family and for sleep!  So much of this update is the same as the September one, with just a few additions.

Site progress -

Shopping cart is set up and is gradually being filled up with products.  I have heaps more to go!

Recent additions:

  • Books (still have a few children's books to add)
  • Fair trade chocolate and coffee (still have the tea to add)
  • Knitting looms (and more to come)
  • Hand dyed organic wool

My garden journal -

In the gardening section you'll see a link to a journal that I'm keeping of the progress of my garden.  This is partly for my benefit - to have the record, but also I'm hoping it may inspire others to try things out (even if you don't want to dig up your whole front lawn, as I am gradually doing).  I don't claim to be an expert in any of it - its all just trial and error.

Recipes added in September! -

I've added a "cookbook" of recipes - only slowly building.  Look in the "Good food" section for "Dance of the Vegetable Patch".

Would you like to add a few dishes into your weekly menu that don't include meat?  Sometimes its difficult to find quick, easy, family meals.  Or you find a whole book or website of them, but its overwhelming!  You print out/bookmark heaps of recipes and never get around to cooking them.

I'm building a cookbook linked to this site, but rather than just directing you to hundreds of recipes, why not receive one or two by email each week or two?  That way, you can challenge yourself to try just one new recipe a week.  These are recipes that I cook for my family, so they are generally quick and easy, and appealing to kids as well as adults.

If there are photos/pictures included with the recipe, they wont be emailed, so your system wont clog up with a long recipe.  I'll provide a link to the page in the online recipe book so you can look it up there.

Please fill in the newsletter box in the menu bar on the left or on the newsletter page to sign up.

For samples of some of the recipes, look at the link to the recipe book in the Good Food section of this site!

Current specials and competitions -

  • Look in the Great ideas section for the current competition
  • Email me if you'd like info about nappy trial packs (discounted, not on the site)

New products still to come -

  • Baby eco - organic cotton baby clothes
  • A few slings
  • More links in the organic food section
  • More fairtrade products
  • More and more and more stuff!

General bits and pieces

I have been given recommendations for a few organic food suppliers in cities other than Sydney, so will be updating those links soon.  If anyone has any other recommendations please send them to me.

Easy Peasy Sewing and Knitting

Like the idea of sewing your own fitted nappies or knitting your own soakers but find it all a bit daunting.  I will shortly be bringing you "Easy Peasy" patterns for these.  The knitted soaker pattern should be available in the next couple of weeks and the fitted nappy pattern in about 6 weeks.  Let me know if you'd like an email when they're here.

The main feature of the soaker pattern is not that the actual design is anything fancy - although it does look great, but that the instructions are written for someone who has only ever knitted a scarf or similar before; if you can do a plain, knit stitch, and purl even if slowly (you don't have to purl much!), or if someone can help you with the basic stitches, the instructions explain clearly how to do everything else.

The fitted nappy is a completely new design that is so much quicker and simpler to sew than other fitted nappies and also is adjustable to fit a range of sizes.