Are you part of a group that does fundraising?  Most of us are these days; schools, playgroups, etc always seem to be sending home chocolates to sell or other items for fundraising.

If you're trying to live by ethics of minimal harm to the environment, health and other people, this can be difficult.  As an example, many of the companies that supply chocolates for fundraising have admitted that their cocoa supplies could be from farms that use child slaves.  There may be other ethical concerns with companies that supply fundraising products too.  Yet you don't want to tell your children that you wont buy the products from them or that you don't want them to sell them.

On the other hand, if your group can fundraise with ethical products, and you can provide them with a little information so that they understand the choice, this has the potential to reach a very wide group of people.  All the parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, neighbours, etc will be exposed to the other, more ethical product, and may then begin to learn about the problems with some of the regular brand products.  In many cases people will be shocked to hear of these issues, as they wont have ever heard that they existed.

If you can influence the way a group you are involved with fundraises, please email for information about available products.

Some products we can supply your group with include:

  • Fairtrade, organic coffee
  • Fairtrade, organic chocolate
  • Fairtrade, organic cotton t-shirts (plain or printed with your group design)
  • Organic cotton lunch bags

Information, including DVD loans, can be supplied to help you to explain the issues surrounding these products to your group/committee.