Privacy - your details

I respect your privacy.  Any information provided to me, including your email address, will remain confidential.  It will not be given to any third party, with two exceptions.

1)  Newsletter subscriptions

If you subscribe to the newsletter you should be aware that this is hosted by  That just means that I use their automated features to manage the lists of subscribers and to send out the newsletters.  I have a log in to their site and I am the one that sees the names and writes/sends the newsletters.

You can read their privacy policy on their site.  It includes:  "YourMailingProvider will not share, sell, rent or otherwise disclose the personal information (name, postal address, e-mail address) of the customers without their advance permission, unless otherwise ordered by a court of law. All personal information collected is used solely to contact the customers in regard to their use of this service."

You can unsubscribe from any mailing lists here at any time.  By having the mailing lists hosted, the unsubscription process should be easier. 

Have you ever received a newsletter from an organisation and found that all the email addresses of all the subscribers were listed in the To: field for all to see?  By having the mailing lists hosted with a proper mailing list service, you can be sure that mistakes like that can't happen!

Please email if you have any concerns about this!

2)  Some orders to be sent direct

Most products are kept in stock here and are packaged and sent here, but there are a few products that are sent direct to you from the supplier to speed up delivery and to enable me to have a large range of products available to you.  This will mainly effect larger orders, such as full time nappy packs and the like.  The supplier of these products has a privacy policy and I am confident that your details will be kept safe with them.

If you have any concerns about this, email me before hand or ask that the products be sent to me before being sent to you.  I am happy to do this, but it means there will be a delay of a couple of days longer on your parcel.