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Living With Awareness Updates

If you'd like to receive updates about new products and information, changes to the site, etc, as well as occasional special offers, please email and ask to be put on the mailing list.  At this stage, updates are just sent whenever a few changes have been made rather than at a regular interval, but it will never be more than one email a fortnight, and it is generally more like one every month or two!

Recipe Newsletter - NEW!

Would you like to add a few dishes into your weekly menu that don't include meat?  Sometimes its difficult to find quick, easy, family meals.  Or you find a whole book or website of them, but its overwhelming!  You print out/bookmark heaps of recipes and never get around to cooking them.

I'm building a cookbook linked to this site, but rather than just directing you to hundreds of recipes, why not receive one or two by email each week or two?  That way, you can challenge yourself to try just one new recipe a week.  These are recipes that I cook for my family, so they are generally quick and easy, and appealing to kids as well as adults.

If there are photos/pictures included with the recipe, they wont be emailed, so your system wont clog up with a long recipe.  I'll provide a link to the page in the online recipe book so you can look it up there.

You can email to be removed from the list any time you like, so just try it!

For samples of some of the recipes, look at the link to the recipe book in the Good Food section of this site!

Weekly Action

There are so many changes we can make that will reduce environmental damage and particularly global warming.  Sometimes its overwhelming.  This newsletter is sent out each week and will contain one, very easy little thing that you can do that week to make a difference.  I promise, it wont be too difficult.  And the newsletter will be very short.  Then you can email me and tell me if you did it!  It will help us all to make commitments to change.  If you feel like ignoring the Action suggestion for the week, that is up to you.

Stocking Update

If you're waiting for particular products to be stocked, or you just don't want to miss out on seeing something new arrive, subscribe to this newsletter.  The Living With Awareness Update is quite a detailed newsletter, sometimes including snippets of new information and the like, and is only sent once a month or less.  If you want a very short, quick note whenever new stock is added, this is the newsletter to subscribe to!  After I add new stock to the store a very, very brief note will be sent out just telling you what has been added.

And you are sent a link to unsubscribe in every newsletter, so you can always unsubscribe as soon as the item you've been waiting for has been added to stock!


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