Where to buy paper

If you live near Hornsby in Sydney, you are welcome to buy a ream of Evolve copy paper directly from me.  These will be in the store soon, but for the moment you can just email me.  If you live further away, postage would make it uneconomical, and I would really recommend you contact the following organization:


SCRAP (School Communities Recycling All Paper) Ltd
C/o Holsworthy High School, Huon Cr, Holsworthy  2173
Ph: 02 9825 1062    Fax: 02 9825 6972   ABN 40 079 741 227


From SCRAP you can get reams of 100% recycled paper as well as paper made from other fibres.  They also have other paper products such as exercise books.


Why should you worry about what paper you use?  Read all the information in the other links in this site, sent to me by SCRAP and used with permission and you’ll be convinced. 

Shortly I’ll be listing a whole lot of stationery in the store.  Please check back at the end of August, and email me if you’re after anything specific in the mean time.