The GreenHome Challenge

Do you want some practical help and advice so that in your home you can make changes that will benefit the environment?  I know that I find I'd like to do more, but in a lot of areas just don't know where to start. 

The GreenHome Challenge has been set by the Australian Conservation Foundation.  Visit their site on for more details.  They are running workshops in some areas, but even if you're not in one of these areas you can take part in the challenge by registering online.  There are lots of resources on their site to help you take action in your own home. 

I've been working through their GuideBook, which is available online, and am finding lots of interesting information that is prompting me to make changes that I'd been putting off.  As I read through each area of the guidebook, I am finding that there are things I was doing that I knew weren't the best for the environment, but I didn't actually realise how harmful it was.  Previously I'd put off making changes in some of these areas, thinking that I "wasn't too bad" or that the changes wouldn't make that much difference.  But the specific information in this guide shows the big difference that can be made with only small changes.

From ACF:  "ACF's GreenHome program works with the community to find individual and collective solutions to environment issues, including Energy, Transport and Climate Change; Water Conservation Waste, Recycling and Buying Green; Native Gardens and Growing Food in an urban setting."

And if you're still putting off clicking on the ACF link above, and registering for The Challenge, how's this for a sweetener?  If you register before 31 August 2006, you'll have the opportunity to win a Rainwater Tank and Water Saving Kit from EcoManage.  Look on the site for details.

Email me and let me know if you sign up to the Challenge.  I'd love to hear about how you are going and some of the specific changes you make as a result.