Where to buy good, organic food


In Sydney:


Lettuce Deliver is a home delivery service.  I have been buying my fruit and vegetables from them for a while and highly recommend them.  Each week they send out an email with information about what is good, what is coming up, etc with recommendations.  The produce is good, the service is good, and the price is easily comparable to other organic suppliers and often even better than the organic produce in supermarkets (which I have found isn’t as good quality either).  They also sell other organic food and related items – dry goods, cheese (you have to try the havarti), meat, etc.

Visit their website on www.lettucedeliver.com.au and have a look around.


I’d love to hear from people in other areas who can recommend a local organic food seller.  I only want to list places that are recommended by their customers, so let me know if you buy your veg somewhere that you’d like to recommend.  Would be great to be able to list suppliers from around the country.