The products that we use in everyday living are often selected on the basis of what is readily available and on what “everyone else” is using.  We are not given many REAL alternatives.

 An ecological footprint is the “amount of renewable and non-renewable ecologically productive land area required to support the resource demands and absorb the wastes of a given population or specific activities. … From a sustainability perspective, when humanity'sFootprint exceeds the amount of renewable biocapacity a draw down in natural capital is required and this is considered unsustainable”  (

The “footprint” of Australians has been calculated at 7.09 hectares per person.  There are about 4.5 hectares available per person when calculated over the entire human population.   When the resources used by the all people are compared to those available, our current levels of consumption are unsustainable – we are gradually using up the earth’s resources. 

Practical everyday actions can make a difference.  By increasing your awareness of the issues, the impact of current practices and the alternatives available, you can have more control over your and your family’s “footprint”.  And you will likely find that you benefit from better health too. 

I am trying to live in a way that is more “sustainable” – to have a minimal impact on the environment, and where possible to actually have a positive impact.  I am only taking steps in this direction, as are most people with this goal.  But even small steps are important.  It is easy to wonder how an individual making small changes can actually “make a difference”, but the little changes do make a difference.  And there is certainly no point in deciding that because you can’t do everything, or enough, there is no point doing anything at all! 

So as I learn about more things I can do, I am making changes. 

And I want to make it easy for other people to do the same.

This is what this website is for.  I find out about methods or products that can help us to live in less harmful ways – less harmful to our health and to the environment – and this website is where I can tell you about my discoveries.  Sometimes products that I have found to be worthwhile are for sale here, and other times I’ll give you a link to where you can buy them elsewhere. 

I know that some of these products are not perfect.  I’m sure that some of them could be made of better material or produced in more ethical ways.  As I find better products, I’ll add or swap them over (and I’m happy to hear of your suggestions).  But these are all steps in the right direction.  And usually they are the best that I can find at the time. 

I have two small children, so a lot of the products are related to children or to home.  And they are all things that you can integrate into a family life – not taking too much time or energy.   

If you have a product that you think should be included, or information that is important that you think I should link to, please send me an email.